TAXIdermy is a game where you play as a Taxidermist/Cab Driver who acquires his pelts by running over animals. Drive around town taking taxidermy orders, hunting down your prey, stuffing it on the hood of your taxi, and delivering your finished product. Get ready to learn a ton about preserving animals while also forgetting everything you know about driving!
Besides its title being a good pun, I wanted to create this game because I had just watched a fascinating documentary on taxidermy's connection to environmentalism. The game jam this was made during has the theme of 'edutainment' and although we strayed far from serious education, representing all the steps of taxidermizing was always the core goal of the game.
created for the MEGA 2018 Electric Boogaloo Game Jam
STERLING RIOS: Programming and Design (taxidermy), Audio
EZRA J. ROBINSON: Programming and Design (driving), Design, Environment Art
SULLY ZACK: Lead Artist, Design, Additional Programming
Music By: Kevin MacLeod

In-progress view of map design, including terrain and delivery destinations. The design required a layout of random spawn points for bears (red stars), which could create interesting drives to and from any delivery location. We used Unity's 2D tile system for rapid implementation during the game jam.

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