Kinesis Project creates large-scale, site-specific, dance performances with companies of dancers based in both New York and Seattle. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, their usual back and forth between the two coasts has been impossible, and while video calls had been sufficient for developing choreography, a true performance of Search(Light) required a more immersive experience for both dancers and the audience.
Using ultra-low-latency streaming and a 30' rear projection screen, I created a space that felt like it extended from one city to the other, bridging a 2500-mile gap in less than an inch, allowing dancers to perform with each other in real time.
Artistic Director and Choreographer: Melissa Riker
Projection Designer and Director of Photography: Ezra J. Robinson
Cast: Claudia-Lynn Rightmire, Therese Ronco, Jiemin Yang, Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo, David L. Parker, Lorraine Lau, Kimberly Holloway, Hendri Walujo, Robbi Moore, Margaret Behm, and Madeline Morser
Live music by Sandbox Percussion and solo violinists Kristin Lee (January) and Doori Na (October)
New York Video Stream Operator: Midheaven Network (January), Proteo Media (October)
First Performed on 30 Jan 2021 at Brooklyn Navy Yard and Vashon Center for the Arts
Second performance on 8-9 October 2021
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