These monsters are the imaginary friends of a child protagonist, Meep, who lives in the deep poverty of a garbage-strewn future. With these puppets I aimed to capture a ragtag cuteness appropriate to Meep's sensibilities: a persistent playfulness and childish scrappiness, despite familiarity with death and misfortune.
Prior to this project, my puppet making experience was limited to much simpler hand-rod puppets made from only a couple of materials—mostly fleece and foam. To achieve what we wanted to evoke with these monsters, I had to combine a number of mediums and fabrication techniques. The two puppets function completely differently from each other.
Design Process Journal:
Director Lana Nguyen
Production Designer Justine Chen
I also created functional 1:12 scale LED light fixtures for the film's miniature sets, which were constructed by Production Designer Justine Chen:
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