20 January 1808
It is the second British invasion of the Río de la Plata in Uruguay. Britain has laid siege to the capital, Montevideo, currently controlled by Spanish forces allied with Napoleonic France. The town of Cardal stands as the last contested area in the surrounding country. If the British can win the city, they will have Montevideo encircled. If the Spanish can win, they will be able to mount a counter insurgence and free the capital.
But remember, war is a visceral experience; combat will require you to get to know your enemy far more intimately than ever before. Now, choose a side and battle for Cardal!
Recruit units of soldiers and arrange them into battle formations to attack your enemy!
Claim territories around Cardal to secure an advantage!
Endure the volatile weather that puts physical constraints on every battle!
"This is performance art as much as it is a game." - my professor
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